Golden time of day

Golden time of day


يتيح تجعل الأمر يبدو كما لو أننا لم غاب عن فوز
•Maybe tomorrow•
To think that just a couple of months ago, I had it all…

ملك جميع الأراضي

I wish we were still tight, you know something stronger than a lock. I shoulda been more careful, I guess I was so caught up in my feels that I never thought about yours. Damn I regret that. Knowing that I had something SO valuable and my selfishness let it fade. I want to apologize, but what’s the point of saying I’m sorry knowing that I can’t go back and fix the past. All I can do is tell you what I can set forth. I don’t wanna bug or depress you more than you already are about this, so you’ll probably never see this unless you still go to my tumblr dash, which you probably don’t. But hay👐 I never know.

Young $wank I’m the 5th grade